Saturday, February 9, 2008

You’ll Never Be Alone

Written as I am nursing a yucky cold, can’t sleep, lost my voice, realizing that we’re only ¼ of the way done with Paul’s treatment plan, have to sleep in the guest room because I don't want to infect him, tired & discouraged, and wishing we could be done with it already. Where’s the fast forward button? (yea ..I know…Serious pity party! and I'm the only guest!)
Praise God that He never leaves me to myself!

When you’re in the valley of the shadow of death,
It seems like the journey will last forever;
You almost feel like a change of scenery
Will never happen, never.
The song that used to fill my heart
Is nowhere to be found.
Instead it’s a faded distant hum
No pleasure in its monotonous sound.

I look far into the horizon and
Wish the end would quickly come.
Yet the difficult path in which I tread
Can only be walked and never run.
“But running is so much faster,
is quicker, don’t you see…
Can’t I just run through?
It would be much easier for me!”

Yet the jagged rocks and cracks
Will surely bring me down
And longer in this valley,
I will have to stay around.
For the valley is dark and cold
And there’s no end in sight:
"I hate feeling stuck,
I hate it with all my might

“Look! Many are able to roam about
On those lush plains so free,
They bask in the sun and
Carry on so merrily.
They think, live, and do
without one single thought..
of fear, of illness,
or of suffering loss.”

“Listen, my child, I know you’re tired
And your heart is growing weary,
Sit down here for awhile;
Don’t be in such a hurry!
Let me wipe away your tears
And take away all your frustrations;
Let me hold you close
And remove all your aggravations.”

“I have so much to show you
In this valley that you would not see,
Unless I lead you carefully,
Unless you walk with Me.
Treasures in the darkness
To you I shall unfold.
Yes, child, I know it’s dark,
But don’t let go of My Hold!”

“I’ll teach you how to move through the night,
And trust My eyes instead of yours.
You will not falter one fatal step;
Just trust Me on this rocky course.
I’ll point out all the beauty that abounds
In this valley that you dread.
Vastness of riches, beauty untold
Pleasures for you I’ve prepared!”

“The fragrance you smell that is so sweet
Is not coming from those flowers;
That aroma comes from communing with Me
Delighting in My Presence and My Power.
The water that beckons your parched soul to come
Is not found from that cool stream so clean,
But quench your thirst on the Living Water
Drink me in, My All-Sufficient supply, to lean.”

“The faint beam of light that pierces the darkness
Which you hope will warm you up a might,
Dimly compares to the brightness of My Son,
His glorious radiance will shine through the night!
And when from the chill
you seek shelter in that cave of old,
You will find that your safest refuge is
With you in My Arms enfold.”

“So child don’t run ahead of Me
By My side you must stay,
‘Cause one day when on the heights you stand,
You will cherish this day.
For you have received lessons
That can’t be learned on your own
A lesson that every child of Mine must be taught
Is simply that you’ll never be alone.”

“No matter what this life brings you
Whether in comfort, in need, or in pain,
You will know that I am with You
For I will not forsake My own Name!
I will be Your Refuge,
Your Comforter, Provider and Friend,
Cling to Me, for I will never forsake you,
I Am Faithful to end!”
written by Arlene Miranda, 2008


Anonymous said...

Greetings Miranda Family,
Dan had asked how Paul was doing with the treatments and everything, & I told him I would write to let you know that you are in our prayers often. I love the Poem, "you'll Never Be Alone". A wonderfully uplifting stanza was the part.." I'll teach you how to move through the night, and trust my eyes instead of yours. You will not falter one fatal step; just trust me on this rocky course. May He do above & beyond this for your dear family.
With Love in Christ, Dan & Michele Stanick & family.

Sharon Kaufman said...

The difficulties just keep piling up, huh? It seems the path would level out sometime. Just know that the testimony you bear in this struggle is so glorifying to God. It tells me that though you are walking through that valley of the shadow of death, your eyes are constantly being turned away from the temporal to the Timeless One ("He's the lifter of my head") and He is keeping you. He is able to preserve you through this and He is good. We are praying for you all.

Bern said...

Love you sister! The blog looks great! God is faithful to answer, huh?

Talk to you soon and we can work together to get those videos uploaded...